matching tattoos for couples

Are you in love with someone and are you searching cute tiny tattoos ideas? That’s the perfect time to watch this collection of tiny tattoos ideas for couples and be inspired! A tattoo is permanent, and that’s exactly what you want: a romantic story that last forever.

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“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”

Think wisely before getting inked! Having a tattoo with your partner is a delicate decision that you should think a lot before getting the tattoo on your skin. But, if you are ready and you are searching some inspiration, we have collected 10 small ideas you will love! Enjoy it 🙂

Matching tattoos

Matching tattoos are the best choice if you want something unique with an hidden meaning. Be linked with your partner forever with these beautiful designs!

1) Little avocados tattoo

A matching tattoo with little avocados, perfect for a lovely couple
Little avocados made by the incredible artist @vivotattoo

Are you looking for a funny tattoo with a special meaning? These little avocados are waiting for you (you can consider the idea of getting any other vegetable you like ahah)!

2) Her one and His only tattoo

Show everyone you are the most romantic person in this world! Be extremely sure that he’s the ONLY ONE, no regrets.

3) You and I forever

Do you want something creative? This is the matching tattoo you should think of! A thin thread that will keep you together everyday, forever. So romantic!

4) Sun and Moon tattoo

Sun and moon tattoos are really common in couples tattoos, but they are the best in case of you are looking for a simple but meaningful design! Would you prefer Sun or Moon on yourself?

5) Finger tattoo for married couples

A unique way to remember the date of your wedding! Get inked on your finger forever! The perfect tiny tattoos ideas for couples that are married from a long time!

6) Tiny hearth tattoo on finger (A)

Why not asking your partner to get a little hearth on your ring finger? Keep your love every day on yourself!

7) Tiny hearth tattoo on finger (B)

Ok, ring fingers tattoos are a thing now. If you are searching for something sober and elegant, a small line on your ring finger (and your partner’s) it’s a valid choice. Show everyone you are tied to a special person!

8) I pinkie… promise tattoo idea

I pinkie promise you that no one will break their promises if you both get this tattoo idea! Add a little colored hearth in the middle and no one will break your pact! Only real, brave and crazy lovers could get this tiny tattoo idea!

9) “My Way” couples tattoo

Made by the incredible tiny tattoo artist @minustattoo

Do you need more explainations? Who’s your way?

10) “I am yours” hand tattoo

Incredible shot taken from @janainarsa

Am I yours? Uhm… if you get this tattoo on your hands, you probably are 😉

Ok, that’s the end of this inspiring collection. If you want to see cute tiny tattoos ideas for couples and more, don’t forget to follow our Instagram page @tinytattooinc!

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