hidden tattoos: best place to hide a tattoo

How many fights did you have with your parents to get a tattoo? Hidden tattoos are a good compromise to get them accepted! It will be your little secret that you can reveal whenever you want and hide in particular situations. There’s a lot of easy places to hide a tattoo, especially a tiny tattoo! It’s time to discover the
good places we think are perfect for a girl!

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You can easily hide tattoos on your fingers and under your hair, on your inner lip, or under your feet, and we can go on for hours. If these tattoos spots are good enough for celebrities, they’re certainly good enough for you.

We have to say that there are jobs that won’t hire you if you have tattoos in visible spots. You’ve to remember that, and this collection is perfect for this particular situation. It’s finally time to get a secret tattoo, no?

Oh wait, before going into the tattoos we’ve selected, don’t forget that it’s not always easy to avoid fading from small tattoos, especially on fingers!

And now, are you ready? Here you can find 10 smart ideas 👇.

Inner lip tattoos

Surely inner lips tattoos are trendy and it’s a good spot for this kind of tats! Another good quality is that they are not permanent, in fact, they don’t last forever because of the surface where are tattooed. Good choice if you want to get a hidden tattoo that is 99% invisible.

inner lips tattoos are one of the places to get tattoos that can be hidden

Remember to choose a simple design because it’s not easy to get inked on that spot! Think something simple, like a word or two, because it will be really painful and it will shade fast. This is the best place to get a tattoo if you want to try something cool that your parents will not notice easily. Miley Cyrus was one of the first celebrities to get one.