family tattoo thiagobrito_

Every tattoo has its own story and meaning. That’s why most of us chose to get a tattoo because it will remind us of a beautiful moment of our life, a happy-ending story, or an intense adventure we had. Sometimes it’s really difficult to find the best tattoo ideas for women with a meaning, and that’s why you are here. You want to get a meaningful tattoo but you need some fresh designs inspiration. You are in the right place. We’ve collected a lot of tattoos ideas, and here you’ll find our best selection: family tattoos, meaningful tattoos, and even more.

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Meaningful tattoos for couples

Matching tattoos for couples are so common nowadays. Are you in love and you want to get inked something special with your partner?

This tattoo reminds me of a song, “Promises – Wiz Khalifa“. Do you know that song?

mr and mrs finger tattoo by lafemmetattoohouse

Finger tattoos are good ideas for women, and this tattoo is really intense of meaning! These will fade out very fast, so remember to treat them accurately! That’s why you have to look at our fading tattoos guide.

finger print tattoo

That’s something really unique! Impress your fingerprint together in a beautiful heart. What’s more romantic?

Tattoos that reminds to childhood

stich tattoo sketches
mini harry potter deathly hallows tattoo ideas
littlle mermaid tattoo

Animal tattoos

Wrist is a great area to get a small tattoo like these!

dog tattoo wrist

Animals are the best friends of ours, right? Every woman who loves their dog have a special story… why not get inked on your skin?

watercolor cat tattoo

Do you love your cat?

What’s better than a family tattoo?

family tattoo thiagobrito_

If the family is really important for you, a family tattoo could be a great way to have your loved ones always with you!

Confident and happiness tattoos

small tattoo ideas for women with meaning smile

Are you a happy person? This is a cute idea for you!

dreamer tattoo with meaning

Someone once told us “dream until your dreams come true”… It’s time to dream!

Intense meaningful tattoo: semicolon tattoos

This is probably one of the most meaningful tattoos you could get if you had experienced something similar to 13 Reasons Why. In fact, the semicolon tattoo “;” is used to mean suicide prevention.

semicolon tattoo suicide prevention

This little collection is over. We hope that you got some inspiring ideas for your next tattoo! If you have liked the tattoo ideas for women with meaning collection share it with your friends!