Finding the best tattoo quotes isn’t easy. Don’t know why, but these are perfect for girls! Sometimes you want to find something inspirational, sometimes you only want to remember one specific period of your life. The only thing that matter is you and the meaning you give to that quote, right?

If you are looking for some inspiration you’re in the right place! We have collected 15 small quotes tattoo that will help you find the best for you!

The best tattoo quotes collection

Girl, you are gold

You will always remember how much you’re worth. Don’t let anyone demolish you!

ribs tattoo quote girl

Love like a sinner, lose like a winner

small quotes tattoo for girls

I created my own sunshine out of the flames you gave me

small tattoo quotes for girls
Photo by @minnahigh

Everything happens for a reason

Do you believe in destiny (or karma)? That’s the universe, baby!

small writings tattoo
Tattoo by @mrskingaa

Loving yourself is the best revolution

You are so cute, remember that. Love yourself, always!

spine quote tattoo


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