If you’ve fallen in love with the suggestive charm of Fineline tattoos, you’re in good company! This simple and poetic technique of tattooing has gained fame over the years, leaving many women all around questioning where they can find the best Fineline tattoo artists. To support you in the discovery of the best Fineline tattoo in the world, we have collected a list of some of the most talented tattoo artists within this remarkable aesthetic. So, are you ready to start this journey? Tiny Tattoo Inc. is the right place!

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best fineline tattoo artists to follow on instagram

All the artists you’re gonna see in our collection have a unique style and an incredible technique you absolutely need to follow on Instagram.

Some of them are rising stars, others are icons of their industry. Here’s the list.

Shamrock Social Club

LA is famous for tattoos and Shamrock Social Club on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip has been a legendary destination during the years, and clients have included Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and many more.

Dr. Woo

It’s impossible to make a list of the “best tattoo artists in America” without including Dr. Woo. The mysterious artist, who boasts over a million Instagram followers, is best known for his single-needle designs, examples of which can be seen via Miley Cyrus’ puppy ink and Brooklyn Beckham’s camera tat.

Jon Boy Tattoo

Jonathan Valena, AKA, JonBoy, is the man behind a lot of the minimalist ink dotting your favorite celebs’ Instagram feeds. He’s responsible for Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber’s matching broken hearts tattoos, and some of his other famous clients include Zayn Malik, Kylie Jenner, and Sofia Richie. The artist is nearly impossible to get an appointment with, but every once in awhile, he’ll do a “Walk-in Day” that doesn’t require an appointment, so keep an eye on his Instagram for more info.


He’s one of the most famous fineline tattoo artists from Poland because of his immense skills in creating delicate pieces of art. We love his clean technique, elegant and delicate. If you pass through Milan, and you’re lucky to get an appointment, go for it.


South London’s Gabby Colledge has a different body of work – she does textured insects and feathers, and bold geometric shapes – but the sweetest are her botanical illustration-style lavender and dandelion plants.


Based in Brooklyn, Tea uses the hand poke method to ink and creates wondrous animals, witchy hands, and sweet bouquets.


Carla is a passionate tattoo artist from West 4 Tattoo in New York. Fineline tattoos are her specialty, and you can see it by yourself 😉 This quote tattoo is stunning!!!

Muge Bilir

She’s the owner of Mama’s boy tattoo studio in Istanbul. Her tattoos speak for her: perfect lines, minimalist and delicate.

Tati Compton

Another artist that has inspired many is Tati Fox, aka Tati Compton. Her mystical and magical creations are instantly recognizable, as are her badass nude women.

Minus Tattoo

When we asked our community who are the best fineline tattoo artists, Minus was one of the most quoted. And it’s easy to understand why.

Bicem Sinik

Bicem knows one or two things about fine line work. She uses a combination of lines, dots, and geometric shapes to create images that seem to oscillate between the realms of futurism and spirituality for her distinctive aesthetic.

Romeo Lacoste

Based in Los Angeles, Romeo is a world-famous tattoo artist with an equally prestigious clientele. He’s the leader of The California Dream Tattoo shop, which he owns and runs. He defines himself as the “line god”.

Tatu Panda

If you think something small, try to re-think it even smaller and he’ll be able to tattoo it with such precision in details. He leaves us speechless every time we admire his works!


If you’re from Valencia make sure to have a look at her creations.

Do you like butterflies tattoos?

Keya Tattoo

Resident artist in one of the most notorius tattoos studio in Germany: Vaders Dye. As she defines on the gram she creates single needle jewellery, what do you think?

Ink by Frank

Frank is an absolute master in the linework. His works are a perfect mixture of fine lines and realism.


We end our selection with her, an incredible artist. She’s an artist from Bang bang Tattoo Studio in New York. Nothing more to say, this dragon is perfectly done.

Who are the best fineline tattoo artists?

So, our collection is over, but we know there are many many more tattoo artists that deserve a spot here. Do you want to suggest one? Send us a DM on Instagram, we’ll be happy to share a new artist with our community!