Friendship tattoos

Sharing tattoos with your friends has to be really special because you’ll remember them for the rest of your life. With friendship tattoos, you’ll sign a permanent pact of friendship and you can’t come back later. If it’s really difficult to choose best friends, it’s even more difficult to choose the best ideas for your tattoos. So, we have collected the best friendship designs to inspire you with the choice of your next fabulous tattoo!

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Don’t make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make friends who will force you to lever yourself up.

– Thomas J. Watson

Most ideas will match with each other, but matching tattoos aren’t the only choice. You can use your creativity and get inspiration from the collection we’ve prepared for you to craft the best friendship tattoos (remember to send it to us, so we can upload it here 😉).

Whenever you’re ready, try to choose the correct placement for your design. We suggest playing with our fun quiz if you want to get some ideas 😁

So, do you want to have a cute best friend tattoo but you are struggling to find the best idea? Check this incredible collection of friendship tattoos designs!

Ladies are you ready to find your best friend tattoos inspiration?

Let’s start!

Friendship tattoos for 3

A shared passion inked in this friendship tattoo for 3

You and your friends have a passion in common? Why not getting a meaningful tattoo altogether? This is a best friend tattoo perfect for boys and girls.

friendship tattoo for 3: waves, sun and sea

If you love summer vibes and you want to show everyone you have a fantastic friendship tattoos designs on your skin, sun and waves are the perfect subjects for you!