front thigh tattoos for girls

If you want to appear sexier with a tiny tattoo, small thigh tattoos are the perfect match for women. You can show off your thigh tattoos whenever you like and hide them when needed. The thigh area is large enough to consider bigger tattoo ideas, but here, in Tiny Tattoo Inc, we love small tattoos.

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It’s not a secret that small tattoos are so popular, but there are many valid reasons to make thigh tattoos even more attractive. When we imagine sexy tattoos we immediately think of something charming and glamourous. Choosing the right spot makes the difference between a normal tattoo and a sexy tattoo. There are a lot of cool placements you can choose from for your next tattoo, like finger tattoos or, better, thigh tattoos.

The main reason why we love small thigh tattoos is their fantastic match with dresses and occasions. A small tattoo on your thigh can be the missing jewel for your outfit and let you play with different styles. If you want to appear more elegant, sophisticated, or sexier, this is the right tattoo for you.

Small tip: In summer you should wear a bikini or short jeans to emphasize your legs and your tattoos on your legs.

The placement is another reason for its popularity. In fact, the thigh area is perfect for getting inked because of its large space. Like hip tattoos, Tattoo artists love the position because they can play with their creativity and have enough space to design your beautiful tattoo.

Not ready for a real tattoo?

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But, hey, if you’re ready to get inspired by us, continue reading.

Small thigh tattoos ideas

Since we know how it’s difficult to find the best idea for your next thigh tattoo, we have crafted an elegant and fashionable collection of small thigh tattoos that you’ll love. Are you ready to have a look at it?

“You can be sexy and feel good in your skin, no matter what size you are.”

Ashley Graham

Front Thigh Tattoos

The front thigh area is perfect for small and big tattoos. If you’re looking for something really sensual, we strongly suggest getting a handwritten quote by your favorite tattoo artist! The perfect tattoos quote is really difficult to find, but we hope you’ll get here the inspiration you need.

Most Eye-catching Meaningful Thigh Leg Tattoos Design For Women
Badass Thigh Tattoo Ideas for women sun and moon

What’s better than a sun and moon tattoo inked on your thigh?

Love me

love me tattoo sexy
by @ericamanenti

Expecto Patronus script tattoo

Are you a Harry Potter fan? This “Expecto Patronus” tattoo will shine forever on your skin.

fine thigh tattoo

No more back

Don’t look at your past. You’re strong enough to keep going with your life and have the best you can get.

no more back thigh tattoo
by @zuzu_tattoos
lady front thigh tattoo butt

Bzz Bzz 🐝

bee tattoo
by @lucietattoo

Girl, you are beautiful!

Don’t let anyone telling you’re not beautiful… you are!

girl tattoo on thigh
Cute Summer Tattoo Art Design Ideas For Woman_Small Flower Thigh Tattoo
small floral front thigh tattoo
by @laramaju
sketch thigh tattoo

Shine bright like a diamond 💎

Find light in the beautiful sea, I choose to be happy
You and I, you and I, we’re like diamonds in the sky
You’re a shooting star I see, a vision of ecstasy
When you hold me, I’m alive
We’re like diamonds in the sky

shine bright like a diamond front thigh tattoo
by @vivotattoo

Focus on what’s important

thigh writings tattoo

Remember who you are

It may happen to lose ourselves and forget who we are, but it’s important to remember who we are, and this tattoo will keep you focused on what’s important… you!

remember who you are tattoo on thigh

Love is an astronaut, it comes back but it’s never the same.

Love is love and you may change your mind about your partner, this is a fun idea to remember that a broken heart could still love you, but won’t be the same.

love is an astronaut it comes back but its never the same tattoo
front thigh tattoos for girls

Upper Side Thigh Tattoos

We said we love small tattoos, but as mentioned before, thigh tattoos are suited also for bigger designs. Floral decorations are probably the most artistic, fashionable, sexy and feminine you could get for an upper side thigh tattoo, but we also love scripted quotes. Choose the best one you prefer!

floreal tattoo on thigh for sexy girls
stretchmark script tattoo on thigh
by @ghinkos


happiness upper side thigh script tattoo
by @jmunztattoos
floral upper thigh tattoo
by @alexallison_ink
flora thigh tattoo
by @mrskingaa

Everything happens for a reason

Believe it or not, that’s true. Everything happens for a reason.

everything happens for a reason tattoo on thigh
by @mrskingaa

Destiny, Faith, and Trust

destiny faith trust fineline tattoo on thigh
colored florals tattoo on thigh
by @tritoan_7th

It is unusual to see colored tattoos here, but this is a great example of a great and good quality floral tattoo on thigh. If you know the right artist, be creative with colors!

Always shine

always shine tattoo on thigh
by @_thinkdifferent

Back Thigh Tattoos

Finally, we’re at the last chapter of our thigh tattoos collection. But it’s not over and here, we want to cover one of the sexiest spots a woman could think of getting a tattoo: the back thigh. As we’ve already seen, quotes are always a good choice.

Lace Tattoos_ You Have Never Been So Sexy Before
by @fyoklamehndi
the little prince quote tattoo on back thigh
by @ghinkos

This is a french quote from the little prince one of the best books ever written, do you like the idea of the red ink?


mighty back thigh tattoo

Heart to Heart

heart to heart back thigh tattoo
by @ghinkos
back thigh flowers tattoos

That’s the end. We hope you’ve found what you were looking for and you had a clear idea of which thigh tattoos you should get up next!

Wait… if you’re still in doubt we’ve prepared a fun game for you! Check out our “QUIZ: Which tattoo should you get next?” and find which is the small tattoo perfect for you.