Are you a passionate traveller who is looking for smal travel tattoo ideas? You’re lucky! That’s the perfect place to find the best travel tattoo designs, keep scrolling and you will find small world map tattoos ideas, airplane tattoos and travel tattoo quotes, then, if you want more, you will find more incredible travel tattoo designs!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” 

St. Augustine

Traveling around the world is something that’s difficult to describe, you have to feel it. You NEED to feel it, and, sometimes, you would like to remember that travel forever. Tattoos are the answer to your desire: the feelings you got will stay with you, on your skin.

A small airplane inked on your skin, or a small world map on your wrist, that’s what you are looking for, right?

It’s time to get that tiny travel tattoo idea and start planning your next travel! Enjoy this collection!

One last thing before, the article will be divided in three macro areas (click direcly on the one you prefer and start watching!):

  1. World map tattoo ideas
  2. Airplane tattoo ideas
  3. Travel tattoo quotes
  4. More tiny travel tattoo designs

1) Small world map tattoo ideas for travelers around the world

You are a world traveler, you have visited or you want to visit a lot of places, why not get one of these beautiful small world map tattoo designs?

small world map tattoo ideas on wrist
little world map tattoo designs for friends

“Cute small world map designs to get with your friends!”

ankle tiny world map tattoo idea
small world map tattoo designs

2) Small airplane tattoo ideas for class flyers

Flying is your passion, and you want to share it with the world!

Thinking of a couple tattoo? Why not check 10 cute tiny tattoo ideas for couples?

Original tattoo by @debrartist

Small paper airplane tattoo designs

A small paper airplane is always a good choice if you want something different and cute, keep in mind that!

Ok, maybe these will be the best travel tattoo designs you’ll ever seen, why not sharing on your social media?

3) Travel tattoo quotes for passionate travelers

Quotes have an impact on people that is incredible. A single phrase can suscitate different emotions and refresh your mind about that particular feeling you have had in one of your past adventure. Let’s have a look at these travel tattoo quotes and find the one that fits you!

Wind, Sun and Beach… What else?

Pura vida!

Miles to go…

Live. Learn. Grow.

Enjoy the journey

I’ve got the world to go

Wanderlust tattoos ideas for everyone who’s never at home

4) More small travel tattoo ideas, if you didn’t find what you were searching

Aaaaand that’s the end!

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