Cute small travel tattoo ideas for girls

Are you a passionate traveler who is looking for small travel tattoos? You’re lucky! That’s the perfect place to find the best travel tattoo ideas, keep scrolling and you will find small world map tattoos ideas, airplane tattoos, and travel tattoo quotes, then, if you want more, you will find more incredible travel tattoos designs!

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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” 

St. Augustine

Traveling around the world is something that’s difficult to describe, you have to feel it. You NEED to feel it, and, sometimes, you would like to remember that travel forever. Tattoos are the answer to your desire: the feelings you got will stay with you, on your skin.

Passport stamps, small airplane inked on your skin, or a small world map on your wrist, that’s what you are looking for, right?

It’s time to get that tiny travel tattoos idea and start planning your next trip! Enjoy this collection!

Which is the best travel tattoo? Let’s find it in this collection of tiny tattoos.

One last thing before, the article will be divided into six macro-areas (click directly on the one you prefer and start watching!):

Table of content

  1. World map tattoo ideas

    If you love the entire world, here you’ll find inspiration for a world map tattoo

  2. Airplane tattoo ideas

    Airplanes are your favorite transportation?

  3. Paper airplane tattoo designs

    Childhood never dies, and paper airplanes are so cute to get inked

  4. Small Travel tattoos quotes

    What’s a journey without a quote to remind it?

  5. Wanderlust tattoos

    Each one tells a story, which is yours?

  6. More travel tattoos

    Need more? We have more!

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