cute behind the ear tattoos you won't find anywhere
Tattoo by @mayoanj

If you’re looking to get a fancy and creative idea for a tattoo, you’d definitely choose to get one behind the ear. In fact, behind the ear tattoos are one of the latest trends amongst women, but it could be a nice spot also for men. In this article, you’ll discover everything about behind the ear tattoos, from their meaning, the pros and cons and even if this kind of tattoo hurt or not.

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Thanks to the positioning, you’ll be able to show off your creativity or hide it whenever you want.

If you want to appear a bit more rebel and looking awesome, this is the right tattoo for you.

Does it hurt having a tattoo behind the ear? 😖

Having a tattoo always brings some pain. When we talked about whether getting a small tattoo was painful, we talked about tips to prevent you from feeling pain before getting a tattoo.

But today we want to go more specific and give you a complete overview of the tattoos behind the ear.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo behind the ear? Let’s see it now!

It’s important to point out that everyone has a different pain threshold than the others, but our aim is to give you an idea of ​​what anticipates you before getting a tattoo in a delicate area like behind the ear.

This area has a very thin layer of skin, so you will feel the needle sinking into your skin much more than in other parts.

Pain is subjective, but this area is also full of nerves, so the sensation of pain may be intensified.

The PROs and CONs of having behind the ear tattoos ✅❌

Choosing the right tattoo and the perfect area is very difficult to take.

When it comes to a tattoo in a very sensitive area like the one behind the ear it is important to highlight the pros and cons of having a tattoo there.

The PROs ✅

  • One of the most sensual and trendy areas among tattoos for girls and boys.
  • The area has enough space to get one of the prettiest little tattoos you’ve always wanted!
  • Since it’s in a particular area, if you don’t like it you can always cover it with hair.

The CONs ❌

  • Behind the ear, tattoos could be very painful.
  • It’s a tattoo in a very visible area, don’t make mistakes!
  • You can’t see it so often.

The meaning of a tattoo behind the ear 🎆

A tattoo behind the ear is usually small, but it really depends on what’s the meaning.

Ideas could vast and unique and the meaning depends on the subject you wanna get on your skin.

You can get everything you like for a tattoo behind the ear, from stars, moon to flowers, or music notes.

33 Creative ideas for a tattoo behind the ear 👇

Here’s the collection you’ve been waiting for. We’ve gathered the best 81 behind the ear tattoos ideas you won’t find everywhere else. Enjoy them!

small butterflies tattoos on ear
by @tattooboutiquelarissa
hidden tattoo starts behind ear

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Or a moon, for all those nights when you told it your secrets_
porque tu estas comigo tatuajes
small writing tattoo on neck
Artist @jk.tat
behind the ear half moon tattoo
behind the ear little stars tattoos
behind the ear lotus flower mandala tattoo
behind the ear music notes tattoo
behind the ear music tattoo
behind the ear planet and stars tattoos
behind the ear planet tattoo
behind the ear quote tattoo
behind the ear red heart tattoo
behind the ear semicolon heart meaningful tattoo
behind the ear small flower tattoo
behind the ear small rose tattoo
behind the ear sunflower tattoo
behind the ear symbols tattoo
Behind the ear wing tattoo
behind the ear words tattoo
behind the ear zodiac tattoo
behind the ear cross tattoo for women
behind the ear cat tattoo
behind the ear dotted mandala tattoo
behind the ear dream catcher colored tattoo
behind the ear feather tattoo
behind the ear floral tattoo
behind the ear flying bird tattoo