Would you like to get a tattoo, but are you afraid of not getting the right one? We know, when choosing a tattoo that will last forever on you, it’s never easy… If you feel the same, you may think of having a small tattoo in a location that’s more “private”, a placement that you can’t see every time so you can enjoy your life without overthinking too much. That’s why you’re here because we’ve collected the best tiny hip tattoos for you.

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Why a Hip Tattoo?

So, we talked about sweet locations for a small tattoo and the hip is one of that. And that’s a really cool spot you can show off whenever you want and hide when you prefer.

Like thigh tattoos, you can express the best of your creativity and choose from a big to a very little design. And since the hip and the waist area are very versatile spots, you can really think of any tattoo you like to get inked on you. As you already know, we love minimalistic and simple designs because they are sexy and so damn seductive. So prepare yourself, because this collection is really hot.

It’s time to explore all the hip tattoos ideas, let’s jump in!

Small Side Hip Tattoos

The side area of your hip is probably the sexier zone you can think of to get a tattoo. If you’re looking for something small, elegant and minimal, there’s nothing better than choosing quotes. But, this is also a good spot for bigger ideas like flowers or mandalas.

persian calligraphy side hip tattoo
Meaning: my father, my king, my hero
Artist: @inkbyfrank
little zap tattoo on hip
Artist: @joannamroman


mini heaven tattoo on hip
Artist: @konstantin_noskos
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