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Many people combine moon and stars tattoos to express special intentions, success, tenacity, hope, stability or a lightning event. Except for the multiple symbolized purposes, mini tattoos of moon and stars also have a deeper meaning and a fashionable look since they’re pretty fancy and can be inked in every part of your body.

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Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.

Stephen Hawking

Moon and stars have been a component of human questioning for as long as people have been interacting with one another. Both of these astronomical shapes complement each other in the sky, and they have been a part of ancient lore and mystery for centuries.

In the modern world, many women prefer mini tattoos with moon and stars because they express a deep relationship with the sky and the astronomical world. Meanings are various. Whether it is a connection to family, astronomy, or the zodiac, the moon and stars tattoos ideas can be quite personal for you.

Moon and Stars tattoos meaning

Just look up at the sky at night and you can see why small tattoos of moon and stars correlate with so many people. These shining and bright sky objects can be representative of a person’s magical side, their creative self, and probably their affinity to madness or insanity.

But ladies, there’s more for you!

For women, the moon and the stars have this sort of feminine mystique, fertility, and growth design they connect with on a very deep level. That’s why best friends and sisters are used to getting matching tattoos with these subjects.

Now you know everything you should know about the moon and stars tattoos. And if you are looking for inspiration and unique ideas for your next tattoo, here a collection of the best mini tattoos of moon and stars we’ve gathered for you. Enjoy it and if you like them, remember to share these ideas with your friends!

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