love tattoos for girls

Finding the best tattoo quotes isn’t easy. Don’t know why, but these are perfect for girls! Sometimes you want to find something inspirational, sometimes you only want to remember one specific period of your life. The only thing that matters is you and the meaning you give to that quote, right? Usually, we prefer using short quotes because are fashionable and meaningful in their simplicity, but we also love phrases or sayings.

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We have gathered inspirational, motivational quotes tattoos but also meaningful and beautiful. Discover our tattoo quotes collection.

Motivational, Inspirational and Meaningful tattoo quotes

You can do more than you think

you can do more than you think inspirational tattoo quote by vivotattoo
By @vivotattoo

No better time than now

no better time than now tattoo quote about life by vivotattoo

You are art.

you are art tattoo quotes

This too shall pass

this too shall pass tattoo quotes about strenght

The sun will rise

the sun will rise tattoo quote

Over fear into freedom

over fear into freedom motivational tattoo quote

Ojalà nunca, ojalà siempre

ojala nunca ojala siempre tattoo

Dream until your dreams come true

dream quote tattoo

Nothing else matters

nothing else matter motivational tattoo quotes by inkofjulie

Not all who wander all lost

not all who wander are lost tattoo quote

Girl, you are gold

You will always remember how much you’re worth. Don’t let anyone demolish you!

ribs tattoo quote girl

Love like a sinner, lose like a winner

small quotes tattoo for girls

I created my own sunshine out of the flames you gave me

small tattoo quotes for girls
Photo by @minnahigh

Everything happens for a reason

Do you believe in destiny (or karma)? That’s the universe, baby!

small writings tattoo
Tattoo by @mrskingaa

Love quotes tattoo

Loving yourself is the best revolution

You are so cute, remember that. Love yourself, always!

spine quote tattoo

Porque tu estas comigo

porque tu estas comigo tatuajes

Choose yourself

choose yourself tattoo quote


handwritten tattoo love quote by mugebilir

I don’t care

i dont care tattoo quote girl

Love yourself

love yourself tattoo quote by vivotattoo

Love yourself first

love yourself tattoo

Short tattoo quotes: so fine, so elegant!

Let it be

Any “The Beatles” fans here? Songs quotes are always a great tattoo choice for girls!

let it be tattoo quotes
let it be tattoo quotes on ribs


happiness tattoos quotes

Peace of mind

peace of mind neck tattoo quotes
peace of mind tattoo on back


perseverance handwritten tattoo quotes

Be good

be good tattoo quote on finger


balance tattoo for girl


rose writing handwritten tattoo


simplify tattoo quotes

Smile – Sm 🙂 le

smile tattoo quotes about strenght by vladabenson

Enjoy the journey

Make your lives a masterpiece, you only get one canvas. Isn’t true? Enjoy your journey and get it on your skin, forever. This is the perfect tattoo quotes for travel girls like you!

enjoy the journey tattoo
Artist @wagner_maximus

God is a woman

Girl power!

The artist is @vivotattoostudio

Matching quotes tattoos for friends and couples!

Her one. His only.

Do you have anyone to love forever? This incredible idea will always bring with you your partner.

Want to see more small tattoos for couples? We have a unique collection for them! Check it.

matching tattoo for couples
Tattoo by @yusuf_bouissenguaren

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray.
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away.

Thank you Jhonny Cash for that song.

matching tattoo for friends

No matter where

Long distances won’t be a problem anymore.

ankle tattoo quote


always red ink matching tattoo quote

Create yourself

create yourself on ankle tattoo

Extra small quotes tattoo

You keep me safe, I’ll keep you wild

love tattoos for girls

No rain, no flowers

Tattoo by @robertabosetti

Mom: someone who can make all your missing things appear.

mom quotes tattoo on ribs

This is the end of our collection of tattoo quotes. We hope you’ve found what were you looking for and you got inspired by our choices!