small ankle tattoos ideas for females

Ankle tattoos have always been considered synonymous with femininity. They are probably one of the favorite spots for girls because they are pretty, fashionable, and sexy. An ornamental piece inked on the skin, a jewel that will remain with us forever. Since the surface is very limited, small tattoos are perfectly suited for ankles! It is a very popular area when looking for a place to get a tiny tattoo, especially for those who are looking for their first tattoo. We have decided to show you 65 small ankle tattoo ideas for girls that will leave you speechless.

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Before showing you what we have selected, it is always important to consider some factors before having a little tattoo on the ankle.

Pros and Cons of an Ankle Tattoo.

There is no doubt that deciding to get a tattoo always involves small risks, but sometimes you let yourself be carried away by enthusiasm and you are not prepared for what will happen.


  • One of the best points is definitely the Sex Appeal factor. No doubt, tiny ankle tattoos are the right choice if you want to be even sexier than you already are.
  • Small ankle tattoos arealways fashionable, so everyone will have their eyes on your fantastic jewel!
  • In summer you can proudly show off your tattoo. The beach is yours!


  • There will always be someone ready to criticize your choices. It is not a real problem, but always think well before getting a tattoo!
  • It will be very difficult to cover up a wrong design. Avoid getting inked on your skin something you might regret.
  • It’s a very painful area, so if you can’t bear the pain at all, I suggest to think of some other positioning. Same for finger tattoos, they hurt a lot!
  • Your friends will be super jelous 😉 !!!

How painful is getting an ankle tattoo? Do small ankle tattoos hurt?

Don’t worry, getting a tattoo is always painful. In the ankle area more than others, but remember that suffering is part of the game. Every time you’ll look at your tattoo you will remember what you went through to get it, and this will be your victory. Certainly, it’s nothing unbearable and at the end, you will be more than satisfied.

Now that you’re ready, let’s explore the 65 small ankle tattoos designs we have chosen for you.

Small flower tattoos on ankle

small flower tattoo on ankle for female
little floreal tattoo on ankle
ankle tattoos flowers

Rose ankle tattoos

little rose tattoo on ankle with a word, blessed
Small rose tattoo on ankle
Made by @minustattoo
tiny stylized rose tattoo
Made by Casabo Tattoo Studio in Barcelona
ankle rose tattoos for girls

Lotus flower on ankle

colored lotus flower tattoos on ankle
minmal lotus flower tattoo on ankle
black lotus flower tattoos for girl
the best mini ankle tattoo of lotus flower
lotus flower white ink tattoo on ankle for ladies
fineline ankle lotus flower tattoo for females

Heart tattoos on ankle

cute heart tattoo on ankle for a woman
stilish heart tattoo
roses and heart little tattoo
travel ankle tattoo with an heart

Ankle stars tattoos

stars ankle tattoos
fashion star tattoo on ankle
three stars tattoo
two stars little tattoo on ankle
cute star tattoo for ladies
white ink small star tattoo on ankle
little ankle stars tattoos for women

Small butterfly tattoos on ankle

small butterfly tattoo on ankle
little butterfly ankle tattoo
mini ankle tattoo butterfly
cute butterfly on ankle
colored butterfly tattoo
small minimal butterfly tattoo on ankle
Best butterfly tattoo on ankle for girls
Made by Koray Karagozler

Ankle bracelet tattoos

ankle bracelet feather tattoos
feather ankle tattoos
arrow bracelet ankle tattoo
small bracelet ankle tattoos for women
small ornamental bracelet tattoo
fine ornamental bracelet tattoo
bracelet tattoo with a pearl
the best bracelet tattoo a girl should have
fine line floreal tattoos on ankle bracelet
floreal bracelet tattoos with color on ankle

Arrows tattoos on ankle

sexy arrow tattoo for girls
single arrow tattoo on ankle
arrows tattoo on an ankle girl
arrow and wings tattoo
simple arrow tattoo on ankle
stylish arrow ankle tattoo
dot ankle tattoo with arrows

Nice anchor tattoos on ankle

cute anchor ankle tattoo and a wrist heart tattoo
lovely anchor tattoo on ankle
simple anchor ankle tattoo design
small anchor on ankle for girls
anchor tattoo on ankle and hearth tattoo on wrist, beautiful ladies tattoos

Angel wings tattoos

angel wing tattoo
mini angel wing tattoo on ankle
really small angel wings tattoos on ankle

To recap…

Choosing to get a small ankle tattoo is always a good choice. However, you must be ready for what you will encounter and you must carefully choose the right design that will remain forever on your skin. Finally, I hope that these tiny ankle tattoos designs have inspired you and good luck with your tattoo!