Finger tattoos ideas with meaning for women

Tiny tattoos on fingers are becoming the latest trend among celebrities. The reason is simple, everyone loves them. But, if you are in this article is because you are looking for small finger tattoo ideas for ladies. We will cover all the designs we think could fit your personality in a few seconds. Firstly, we want to introduce to you why you should get a little finger tattoo.

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Why a finger tattoo

As mentioned above, a small tattoo on a finger is a great idea if you want something subtle but elegant and easy to hide. Celebrities like Rihanna or Cara Delevingne have launched this trend, and now it’s your time to get one beautiful little tat!

There are two things to know before getting a small finger tattoo:

  • It hurts, the fingers area is really thin and the pain is really high, but don’t get panic! Since the tattoos are so little, you will have to be strong only for a few minutes :). This is part of the exciting experience of getting a tattoo. If you don’t want to suffer a bit, don’t do it!
  • Tiny finger tattoos will fade or get blurred faster than other tattoos. You should really take care of your tattoo if you want to keep it sharp and vivid! For this reason, we have written an article on “How to prevent finger tattoos from fading“, where you can find all the tips you could do in order to avoid it.

Now you are ready to explore all the tiny tattoos ideas for fingers we have collected for you!

To facilitate your navigation, we have divided the article into categories. Jump directly where you desire!

Without adding anything else, let’s start!

1) Friendship tattoos on fingers

Everyone has a friend who’s in love with tattoos like you! Why not bless this beautiful friendship with a cute finger tattoo?

small friendship tattoos roses on fingers
small bird finger tattoo for friends

Hey, are you more than friends? We have created a fancy collection for wedding ring tattoos, have a look at it!

small arrow finger tattoos for best friends

Hey, look! Little arrows, we love them!

small roses finger tattoos for best friends
small wave friendship finger tattoo and little mountain finger tattoo for best friends

Can’t decide if you like most the sea or the mountains? Get them on your fingers!

little hearth finger tattoo for friends and females
special date finger tattoo for friend

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