be brave small wrist tattoo

First of all, the Wrist is one of the most used spots by girls for their tattoos. The small tattoos are perfectly suited to this area and are very pleasant and elegant. In fact, the surface is perfect for any type of small design, including writings and color drawings. Compared to tattoos on the ribs or other more hidden parts, the tiny tattoos on the wrist are visible to anyone. A great choice if you always want to show all your tattoos, but if you want to hide it, you can always wear bracelets or a watch ;)! If you are looking for your first tattoo, tiny tattoos on the wrist are what you are looking for! Creativity is your only limit!
But, now it’s time to see these 13 delicate small wrist tattoos ideas we’ve found for you.

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We have collected some ideas that could inspire you in choosing your next tattoo: to keep in mind something important, like a date, or something that motivates you every day to be the person you are!

13 Cute tiny tattoos ideas on the wrist for girls

1) Be brave tattoo

be brave small wrist tattoo

Simple writing always contains an enormous significance. Be Brave remembers you every day to don’t give up, never!

Small tattoo phrases are perfect for this spot, especially written with good calligraphy!

2) Couples heart tattoos

What’s better than a small wrist tattoo to get with your partner? Couples tattoos have a deep meaning, be careful!

couples tattoo on wrist

3) Heart tattoo for girls

hearth tattoo on wrist

Share the love, share the love! Do you believe in love? That’s the heart tattoo you were looking for!