brain tattoo on neck
Artist @Cagridurmaz

The neck is a fundamental area of ​​the body, and one of the sexiest!
For centuries, people have tried to adorn their necks and show off their beauty. Today, in addition to prizing your femininity with jewels and necklaces, you can make a small tattoo on the neck.

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The neck, it’s not an area that leaves a lot of space, but with the right design, you can get something wonderful. You only need to choose a tiny tattoo on the right side of the neck. Usually, it is a very visible area but there are some cool hidden places that would be awesome if you want to hide it!

Whether you like to wear so many jewels and necklaces, whether you prefer a simple style, a small tattoo on your neck will be your own new jewel: the most precious one.

In recent years neck tattoos have become a real fashion icon, so much that they are the most requested among celebrities like Hailey Bieber.

But before you sit down in a tattoo studio you need to know one thing: the skin on the neck is a very thin and sensitive area. Because of this, it is very painful to get tattooed there! Remember that 😉

Now all you have to do is let yourself be inspired by the following designs!

Do you like flower tattoo design? We have a collection for you!

The area behind the neck is perfect for writings or small drawings. it is also a great place that can easily be hidden. To be shown only to those who deserve it😉

If you are looking for something definitely minimal these ideas are perfect for your next small tattoo on neck.