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Rings are the best jewels you can get for your partner, especially if you’re getting married! Wedding ring tattoos can give you an excellent way to express your sentiments towards what it means. The culture of exchanging wedding rings is worldwide. It’s the way to show eternal love and commitment to each other. So why not wearing a permanent wedding ring tattoo?

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Finger tattoos are loved by everyone, that’s a fact.

But, before going deep into our collection, here a few popular questions we think they deserve a proper answer. Maybe you were just wondering!

Are wedding ring tattoos a good idea?

Let’s start with the most answered question: is it a good idea to make a ring tattoo with your partner? A ring is forever, no? That’s why you will never have to bother about losing your “ring” since it’s inked forever on your skin. But that’s not the only reason…

What does a tattoo on finger mean?

This question could be stupid to answer, but that’s not obvious… Wedding ring tattoos for sure express eternal love for the partner but they have a more profound meaning. They also symbolize more than love… they deeply prove the purpose of your marriage.

“‘til death does you part”.

How long does finger tattoos last?

Generally speaking, a finger tattoo may last for 6 up to 12 months depending on the ink applied for the tattoo. You will also need to take the proper attention of your tattoo to keep its looks. You will have to attend a few visits to your tattoo artist every 8-10 months to get a retouch. But if you want to know more about taking aftercare for finger tattoos fading, we’ve covered in-depth in a proper article.

Do ring tattoos go all the way around the finger?

YES. It’s a fact, but you don’t want something meant to show your partner to fade in embarrassing ways. One of the most critical things about wedding ring tattoos is that they often go all the way around the ring finger and your finger won’t fade evenly all the way around, leaving you with an awkward sort of half wedding ring.

And now that you know everything about wedding ring tattoos, let’s jump into our collection of 27 lovely wedding ring tattoos we’ve selected for you!

Get inspired by our Wedding Ring Tattoos ideas

Do you want to get your partner’s name inked forever on your skin? It’s a lovely idea. Infact, a wedding ring tattoo with the name of your spouse express all the love you feel and that’s a cool way to always bring him or her with you.

Wedding ring tattoos with Initials and each others’ name

wedding ring fineger name tattoos
wedding ring finger name tattoo
wedding band ring tattoos

I’ll never forget the date of our marriage

We have a tons of date to remember, but there’s one that means more than others: your wedding’s date. If you want to remember forever this incredible and meaningful step of your life, consider the idea to get inked the date of your marriage. And you can get your wedding ring tattoos in different styles, like roman numerals, finelines or a simple quote with your date.

wedding ring tattoos with roman numerals date of wedding
wedding ring tattoos ideas for wedding date
wedding date ring tattoos

Wedding ring tattoos with Infinity

Infinity… do we have to explain this?

wedding ring tattoos with infinity symbol
wedding band tattoo
infinity wedding ring tattoos

Is it possible to get a ring tattoo with white ink? YES!

wedding ring tattoos with white ink

Cute heart to make wedding ring tattoos so special

little heart wedding ring tattoos

She’s my queen and I’ll be your king!

King and Queen wedding ring tattoos are becoming more and more popular these days.

king and queen wedding ring tattoos
crown wedding ring tattoos king and queen
mr and mrs wedding ring tattoos

Matching tattoos for strong couples with personality

wedding ring tattoos matching couples
wedding ring tattoos fine lines
wedding ring tattoo for couples simple
unique wedding ring tattoos with arrows
unconditional love wedding ring tattoos
sweet wedding ring tattoos ideas
relationship tattoos with arrows on ring finger
matching tattoos wedding ring dotted
matching tattoos couples marriage
Matching Anchor Tattoos For Couples on finger ring
husband and wife tattoos for marriage
husband and wife coll wedding ring tattoos ideas for marriagee
27 delicious wedding ring tattoos ideas

We hope you enjoyed our wedding ring tattoos collection and hope you’ve found some inspiration for your next tattoo. Remember that ring tattoos aren’t the only option for couples tattoos, have a look at our selection!

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27 wedding ring ideas for couples