First time tattoo ideas for first timers

Where should I get my first tattoo? That’s a hard choice, but all of us have thought of the best places for your first tattoo at least one time. In this article, we would like to help you with these first tattoo tips. Little tattoos are the best choice for your first tattoo because they are elegant and perfectly fit whatever part of your body you want to get inked. Does it hurt? It depends, but generally, getting a tiny tattoo is not so painful, especially in the spots we are going to see later.

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I remember getting my first tattoo was a mix of excitement and fear. But then I was so happy! You will be over the moon, trust me!

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Now, we can start analyzing the best places for your first tiny tattoo!

Table of contents


Wrist is the most common area that tattoo artists suggest because is the least painful place to get a tattoo, expecially a small one!

Small colored fish tattoo on wrist
a tiny world map tattoo in wrist

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Little hummingbird tattoo on wrist
couples tattoo on wrist with small roses

Falling in love means “getting more couples tattoos“!

first time tattoo
tiny panda wrist tattoo


Another good spot for a tattoo is the thigh area because is less sensitive than another part of your body and it’s a good place for getting bigger tattoos! If you want to get something small, I suggest getting a quote or a single word with a cool font!

expecto patronum thigh tattoo for girls
girl you are beautiful tiny tattoo on thigh
girl thigh tattoo first time
if not now when? tattoo on thigh
girls tattoo idea for first tattoo


Why girls get their first tattoo on their shoulders? Because is a beautiful spot where you can show your brand-new tattoo! I really like colorful designs in this area!

moon shoulder tattoo design for girls
tiny flowers shoulder tattoo for first time tattoos
getting my first tattoo on shoulder idea
back shoulder wave tattoo for girls in summer ideas
front shoulder wave tattoo for girls in summer ideas


These places are cool, you can get whatever you want and you can see your fantastic tattoo whenever you want!

colored flowers tattoo idea forearm
sunflowers tattoo upperarm
be kind inspirational tattoo for girls
black and white little rose tattoo
friendship tattoos ideas on upperarm or forearm

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jewel ideas upperarm and forearm tattoo
forearm tattoo idea honey
upperarm tattoo idea jolie
mini tattoos ideas on upperarm
be positive tattoo idea for girls that are searching what getting first time tattoo

Well, I hope that now you have a clear idea where to get your first tattoo!